Three Core Traits of a Real Gentleman

The fame. The attention. The respect.

We all crave for these. However, the fact that they are the very demise of a gentleman’s making make the task of being a gentleman a quite hard one. Rather than receive the respect, you have to give it. Rather than having people stand for you, you have to stand and let them pass. In my opinion, it is one of the most delicate yet desired effect in the world.

More than the Looks
Looking presentable would do no harm. Your suit, your belt, your shoe. They should all be in perfect harmony. However, over emphasizing in these and forgetting about the character kills the gentleman in a man. Gentlemen not only look it, but also act it. A gentleman will also not ever be interested in looks only. He will take the time to understand everyone he meets more and is not always on the lookout for what you can offer or what you look like.

                                                                                                                                                                         Encourages Advancement
By nature, every human being wants all the good things for himself. Nonetheless, a true gentleman encourages progress. Though he might have goals that are similar to what you already have, he will never scoff at your advancements and will encourage you to realize the very best in your life.

He always gives Answers
True gentlemen are responsible. They never run away from responsibilities and are always willing to give the right answers for all viable reasons. This means that a true gentleman would not lie. He will tell the truth and it will always have some tincture of sense if not wholesome sense in it.

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