There is more to Securing Your ATM Card than Keeping the PIN Private

The Kenyan market might be young, or at least though we think, but it is always greater than what we expect it to be.

With the number of people taking to the internet, be it to socialize or perhaps to do business increasing, the need to secure your online presence at all the times increases exponentially. Knowing the basics of internet security with regard to your Kenyan credit card will help you avoid all the possible hazards the fun filled internet has on offer.
Needless to say, avoiding the dangers of the internet without actually knowing them is next to impossible. You have to know what you are fighting against to fight it in the first place.

Online Cash Transactions are risky if you do not know what it entails

With the number of Kenyans interested in purchasing things online on the increase, swindlers and other tech savvy thieves are having a feast.
Credit cards, Visas and MasterCards to be specific can do online cash transactions. This means you can pay for goods and services right off your smartphone or computer. The question, however, is whether you are keen enough to keep the details of these cards private.
Since online transactions will not require your identity card or signature, transacting money online Kenya could be dangerous if you do not know what to protect. All you need is your card number and a card security number.
Since this information is on your card, keeping your cards as private as possible is important as Kenya enters its maiden days in the online or internet banking business.
Equity bank, KCB COOperative bank and other banks are doing quite an effort in bringing services closer to us. However, if you do not understand what it takes to stay safe with online transactions, just stick to the Mtaani agents to keep your money safe.

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